Monday, August 31, 2009

Nouvelle Burlesque at the Lakewood Theater!

Hello, my lovelies! Are you ready for the plentiful burlesque yummies that DFW will be offering in the comingg months? I hope you are!

One of the first up is the highly anticipated Nouvelle Burlesque Revue, Sept. 19th at the Lakewood Theater. This is going to be a burlesque competition, in which the gals will be vying for a spot in the highly coveted Burlesque Nocturne on Oct. 23rd, featuring Kalani Kokonuts and Rene L'Roux! One or two lucky ladies will get to perform on the stage with them and the rest of the Nocturne cast!

Now, where you come in - Come out to Nouvelle, and show your love in loudness for your favorite burlesque performer! Be sure to tell Lady Divina or Diamond Jim whom you would love to see at the Nocturne! There will be many area performers, including myself, so come out and scream for your fave! Visit or for info, and buy your tickets at the Lakewood Box Office! See you there!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's on Your Bookshelf?

I've decided to branch out a bit, my delicious readers - let's talk about words. Naughty words, nice words, and all of them in between. Words being strung together to make sentences, then paragraphs - meshing together rapidly to form paragraphs, until it all comes together in a heaping pile of pages and forms a book or magazine. I'll hunt down some of the sexiest, smartest, and most amazing literature I can find... and let you in on the little treasures I happen upon. ;)

If you made it out to the Atomic Frolic in July, then you not only saw some AMAZING burlesque, but you probably saw this guy hanging on on stage and in the front of the theater - he's none other than Java, of Bachelor Pad Magazine!

On the left, of course! That's me on the right!

BPM brings the absolute finest in pinup gals, atomic age culture, witty commentary, and much more! The new issue will be featuring one of my friends, Ruby Joule from Austin, in its pages, as well as Kim Falcon on its cover!

You can also see such beauties as Bernie Dexter, Jamie Deadly, and our own Lady Divina in past issues, so hurry and subscribe, I think Java may let you buy some back issues, if there are any left! This is one 'zine you can't miss out on!

For my book selection, I'm also going to head to Java's list of books - I'm liking the idea of this one - "The History of Men's Magazines Vol. 1", by Dian Hanson
Taschen, 2004.

"There have been studies of the history of men's magazines before, but never like this. Dian Hanson undertook the epic task of tracing the history from the early art and film magazines to the modern day porno mags. This history is collected in six massive volumes. Each book is a hefty collection filled with the best art and photography ever featured in men's magazines. Volume One, which we profile here, deals with the birth of men's magazines and takes us through just after World War Two." (from

Enjoy, and as always, cheers!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let me catch my breath...

So much has gone on since I myself have updated! So, back on the 8th of August, I headed over to the Plaza Arts Center to be a voyeur and costume participant for Glam'Amour's Bewitching Burlesque Midsummer Masquerade. (Say that 5 times fast!) The show was AMAZING! The debuts were astounding (gotta say, Jade Pearl and Miss Bubbles von BonBon were among my faves!) and the still fresh Aviva Voila put on quite a show, despite a costume malfunction, and recieved the only standing ovation that night. That to me means that you are meant to be a TRUE performer! The veterans put on thier game faces and wowed the crowd as usual, with Ginger Valentine, Black Mariah and Ruby Joule headlining the show!

Now, onto the costume portion - my main squeeze Erin Go Braughless from ATX freaking KILLED in a handmade mucha libre costume, and hammed it up to take the Crowd Favorite! A most handsomely dressed man decked out in Edwardian fare took Most Debonair, and Alice from Dallas took Most Glamorous. Now, I'll be honest, I really was rooting for two different gals standing next to me for most Bewitching - one was completely decked out in 1920's garb, and the other in a fetching top hat, corset and gown that looked KILLER - but when they called my name, I just grinned like an idiot and tried not to cry tears of joy. I spent a good 8 or 9 days of 4-8 hours a day on my costume, all the way down to the pantyhose were all mapped out. I looked out on the crowd cheering so hard for me, and I wanted nothing more than to hug everyone! It was truly an amazing evening, and I look forward to sitting on the panel of judges next year.

I will post photos very very soon! Or, go to my MySpace, or my friends Halo or NakedLens!



Sunday, August 16, 2009

MIss Coco Lectric!

You all know I love my Austin gals - there are so many talented ladies in ATX! Among them are the lovely Jigglewatts, and I have had the priviledge of performing with the dynamite duo of Ruby Joule and Coco Lectric on various stages... and since I have already had Ruby on my blog, it's Coco's turn to give you her take on traveling, troupe life, and why she loves to dance!


Miss Coco Lectric has been gracing stages all over Texas and the southwest with the Jigglewatts Burlesque for three years. She utilizes her classic dance training, love for the exotic, and her cutting wit to astound audiences across the globe. She has performed in Austin at La Zona Rosa, Antone's, Stubb's, and Continental Club, and the historic Texas Theatre in Dallas, among many others. Honors include: Texas Bikini Team Best Dance Performance Award, and the Audience Choice Award at the Texas Burlesque Festival 2009, and just finished a national tour performing burlesque and go-go with psychobilly band Johnny Hootrock.

1.) What got you into burlesque?

I had been interested in striptease for the ten years I had been a professional choreographer and dancer and had incorporated it into some of my jazz and go-go choreography. However, it wasn’t until a moment on the set of an independent zombie movie musical that Miss Ruby Joule and Miss Cherry Zapp and I decided to form a group with the sole purpose of creating burlesque. I got into burlesque, personally, because I love putting sensuality and fun back into being sexy.

2.) You have some of the most amazingly unique routines! How do you come up with the inspiration for them?

They just happen. My brain is tuned into burlesque most of the time. It’s what I think of when I wake up in the morning and, consequently, I am inspired by the things I see and hear throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll hear a song and all of the sudden I have the whole number played out for me in my head, and I think, “Yeah, this has to happen.” At other times I decide that I want to be a character like the Queen of Hearts, or a carousel pony, or even a tangerine, and I make that happen. There are even times that friends and lovers inspire an act; routines are very personal to me and I give each number my all.

3.) You have been part of the Jigglewatts for some time now, how would you describe your troupe?

Our troupe is fabulous! We had quite a theatrical beginning. Our first shows were theme oriented and we incorporated a lot of ensembles. As time went on we began to notice that solos were much easier to put together because getting four to five girls together on a regular basis can be difficult. When we decided to focus on solos our group really started to flourish; our individual styles became more apparent and beautiful. We are a very supportive troupe and we have similar goals—to create amazing routines and support women who are working toward the same goal. Currently, our troupe consists of Miss Ruby Joule, Cherry Zapp, Goldie Candela, Pearl Lux, Champagne Shock, and me.


4.) What has been a challenge for you this year? Your biggest achievement?

Oddly enough, the challenge for me this year has been coordinating all of the shows that we’re performing in and the ones that we’re creating. It’s more of a matter of time and money that makes burlesque so complicated; it takes a great deal of both to be successful.
Miss Ruby and I have gone to great lengths this year to hone our craft; this has required a great deal of travel. We learned so much from our trip to Las Vegas for the Burlesque Hall of Fame/Miss Exotic World weekend. The business aspect of burlesque can be just as important at the artistic side—no one will ever see what we’ve created if we don’t find a way to get it out there.
My biggest achievement this year has been the opportunity to show large audiences what we can do and make friends with other burlesque groups from around the world. This year I won the Audience Choice Award at the Texas Burlesque Festival, which was a great and surprising moment for me; we made some great new friends at the event, too. The next day Miss Ruby and I performed at Hot Rods & Heels in Dallas where we made a grand impression on the audience there, and of course, more new friends. Miss Ruby and I were able to show the nation a thing or two while on tour with psychobilly band, Johnny Hootrock. It was an honor to be able to bring classic burlesque to stages all over the southwest. We were particularly elated to perform at the Viper Room in Los Angeles.

5.) What's a personal goal you'd like to see accomplished in the coming months?

My personal goal for the coming months is to perform for a larger and broader audience. I look forward to knocking some socks off in New Orleans at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival Burlesque Bash with Catherine D’Lish on September 12th, in Dallas in Burlesque Nocturne featuring Kalani Kokonuts on October 23rd, and I am honored to be headlining with Miss Ruby Joule in the Gifts & Garters holiday event in Dallas on December 5th.


6.) Burlesque can be a time consuming and expensive venture, why is it so important for you to continue to perform?

For me, the art of burlesque is not only enjoyable, but also rewarding. The art of burlesque incorporates many aspects of the artist’s sensuality, social climate, and their own traits and desires. Being burlesque performer is empowering and inspiring. As a performer with a diverse cultural background and a fuller figure, I find that I am able to encourage many other women to test the limits of their sensuality by example. When I’m on stage I am having the time of my life; I feel honored to be able to be so available to the audience. I’m there to feel special and make others feel special, too. It’s the greatest compliment when women approach me after the show to tell me how much they want to do what I’m doing and that they’d love to learn.

Thank you so much Coco for letting me interview you! I'm excited to be able to perform with you and Ruby again at Gifts and Garters in December!



Photo Credits - Allie Smith Photography, Chris Gomez Photography, Miss Missy Photography

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All the way from Las Vegas - DUSTY SUMMERS!!!!

For all of you that have gotten to know me, you know that I am a total burlesque nerd - I love to read about the history of burlesque, I read constantly about shows and stars all over the globe, shoot, I even follow a bunch of burlyq folks and businesses on my Twitter. I get so excited and nervous when I meet one of my idols - when I met Michelle L'Amour back in March I almost cried, and I'm surprised that I could talk to her without stammering! Well, here is another one of those moments - I have the distinct pleasure and honor of interviewing none other than the Nude Magician herself, Dusty Summers! I can't express how lucky I feel to have such an honor! Read on to hear about the way burlesque was, her career, and some GREAT tips for anyone who wants to learn the biz.


1.) Tell us a little about your burlesque career as the Nude Magician!

I started as a bikini go go girl in about 1966 in Phoenix, AZ. Less than a year later, I was doing my first strip in a theatre in downtown Phoenix that was trying to revive burlesque! Chris Starr, a burlesque queen from the 50’s, was the choreographer and gave me the name Dusty. In the next few years I worked mostly as a topless go go dancer who also did a strip tease which made me unique at the time.

Eventually, I got an agent and became a full time exotic. When I was booked into Surfside Seven in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, I met and later married the comic/magician Professor Turban. He taught me magic.

In about 1975 I was booked in the Royal Las Vegas in Las Vegas in a show called “Olde Tyme Burlesque.” In the years following I worked in several showrooms in Las Vegas when I wasn’t touring the rest of the country and Canada.

In 1983 I opened my own burlesque club Dusty’s West in San Angelo, Texas. In 1992 I left the entertainment world and went to work at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, first as a dealer, then as a pit boss.

I also wrote and published two books; The Lady is a Stripper/ Memoirs of Las Vegas’ Only Nude Magician, and The Golden G-String and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Photo taken at 2009 Miss Exotic World, by Ed Barnas

2.) How has burlesque changed, from your point of view?

Shows are MUCH shorter and the girls are performing much less frequently. Very few are earning a living in burlesque.

3.) The burlesque scene has soared in popularity in recent years, with movies, books and celebrities like Dita von Teese representing our culture. Do you feel that the standards have had to change for performers, to meet the popularity?

I think audiences nowadays expect immediate gratification. They don’t have the patience for the slow tease of the old days. Most young people don’t know the difference between burlesque and lap dancing but I think that as they are exposed to the glamour, tease, fun and entertainment of today’s enthusiastic, talented burlesque performers they will want more.


4.) Describe one of the best moments in your burlesque career, and one of your most challenging.

There have been many great moments during my burlesque career including starring in my own show on the Strip in Las Vegas, touring this country, performing in Canada (where the audiences are fantastic) and performing at my first Exotic World event in 2006. It is fun reconnecting with the women I worked with long ago. I love meeting the new stars of today’s burlesque scene and seeing them perform.
It is challenging to try to put on a show today that justifies the admiration of the neo burlesque crowd. I could never have imagined years ago that I would be performing again in burlesque at my age!

5.) What is your involvement currently in burlesque?

So far it has been limited to appearances at Exotic World in Las Vegas and the Boston Burlesque Expo in Boston but I am planning on performing in Los Angeles with Lili VonSchtupp sometime this fall and most likely in various Texas venues. I would like to perform in more of the burlesque festivals around the country if I can afford it. I really enjoy sharing my experiences with today’s performers and helping them when I can.

6.) What advice would you give to today’s burlesque performers?

Enjoy yourself onstage. When or if it isn’t fun anymore, QUIT! Keep it classy and keep smiling.

Thank you so much Dusty for sharing your story with us!



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guaranteed to make your weiners BOIL!

OK, my fellow burlesque lovers - I'm going to start branching outside of the South for my interviews. Now, don't fret - I still have PLENTY of lovelies that I want you to get to know... but I have begun to realize the amazing bevy of talent that lies above the Mason - Dixon line.


Red Hot Annie from Chicago began as – and remains – a pinup model since 2003. With an extensive performance background to draw on, she turned her attentions to burlesque in early 2008. In short order, she has become one of the most recognizable and visible faces in Chicago burlesque, blending comedy, sexiness, and storytelling into a crowd-pleasing style. She has performed with – among others – Beast Women Cabaret, Varietease Cabaret, and Belmont Burlesque Revue. In July 2008, Red Hot Annie paired up with Dick Dijon to create Vaudezilla Productions, which has become a major force in Chicago by redefining the burlesque bar show and setting a new standard for burlesque variety shows. In 2009, she began expanding her presence beyond Chicago , making appearances at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, the Texas Burlesque Festival, and with the Brew City Bombshells in Milwaukee. I found this hot rod of a lady through Rose Darling, who will be travelling north soon to be in a Vaudezilla production! I tracked her down, and after oohing and aahing over her pictures and finally getting the courage up to ask her for an interview, I got what I wanted. She is a sweet, sweet gal, with a lot on her plate - read on for her views on burlesque, girls' nights out, and her love for the Big Lebowski.


1.) How did you get into burlesque?

I started performing in the theatre when I was 16. I’ve been in probably 40-50 plays and musicals in Chicago and the suburbs. Some of my girlfriends perform burlesque, and 5more than 5 years ago, I started watching burlesque. I’d just sit in Belmont Burlesque’s audience and enjoy the show. With some later encouragement from friends, I decided to take the plunge. My first solo was in January 2008.

2.) I see that you are doing a tribute show to the The Big Lewbowski - where do you come up with concepts and routines for events like these?

I am lucky to be able to make my living as an artist, annd one of the major advantages of that is that I am always surrounded by creative people who inspire me. My partner, Dick Dijon, and I came up with the idea of Big Lebowski burlesque one night while we were watching the movie. I’m sure it started out as a joke, but we realized the potential very early on – this all happened in the early part of this year. And as all good ideas tend to do, it hung around, kept coming up every now and then, and finally worked its way onto our schedule.

3.) Do you consider yourself a traditional classic stripteaser, or do you dabble more into the vaudevillian side?

I’m pretty flexible about what I’d consider myself. A lot of my current work falls safely into classic strip tease, but I have been known to dip into neo-burlesque and vaudevillian, especially since the theatre shows I produce include talking roles for the burlesque performers. The main goal is to do something that I enjoy and that will entertain a lot of people. So, whatever gets those two jobs done is okay with me.

4.) Describe the burlesque scene in Chicago, what's it like to take if off in the Windy City?

The burlesque scene in Chicago is booming! When my company, Vaudezilla, stormed onto the scene about a little more than a year ago, there were only a couple shows every month. Now, Vaudezilla alone produces 2-3 shows/week! Some of the other Chicago troupes I love are Varietease Cabaret, Belmont Burlesque Revue, High Voltage, and Hot-n-Heavy. One of the reasons I love these particular productions so much is because they contribute a sense of camaraderie to the scene. I also love them because each one contributes something unique to the community overall, and that positions Chicago as a location where there is something to suit a wide range of tastes. Plus, we all provide each other with opportunities to work in each other’s shows, we cross-promote our shows, and there is almost no drama!

5.) Tell us about one of the most amazing experiences you've had in the past year, and one of of your most challenging times.

The most amazing experience I’ve had in the past year was when I traveled to Vancouver to perform in the Vancouver International Burlesque Fest. I got to perform 4 different acts over the course of 2 nights, and we had huge, enthusiastic crowds. Diamond Minx puts on an amazing show, and I got to meet some amazing performers, including Rosie Bitts, Scarlett James, and host Vincent Drambuie. Everyone was very welcoming, and it was an ideal first festival experience.

The most challenging part of doing burlesque has been it’s affect on my personal time. Once upon a time, I used to sit barefoot on my porch and drink red wine with my girlfriends. Now, I can’t remember the last Girls Night I’ve had. Burlesque has taken over my life! I love it, but I do miss having more time to spend with my non-burlesque friends.

6.) What are some goals for Red Hot Annie this year?

I would love to travel more this year and appear in more festivals. They’re terrific performance experiences, and as a producer, it’s always informative to get out of your own backyard every now and then to see how other areas put shows together. I’ve also got my eye on opening a theatre/performance space. I’m not sure if a girl can realistically do both, but I love a good challenge, so I’d love to try!

6.) Since you’re also a producer, what are some goals for you company, Vaudezilla?

One of the main goals we’re focusing on right now is raising the bar for the Chicago burlesque scene in general. I think that most people within the community would say that Vaudezilla has already had a serious impact over the last year in terms of performance opportunities alone. But we also have an eye towards making Chicago a hot spot for performers who are interested in traveling. We’ve already had an out-of-state performers Kai de Vicious (Milwaukee) and Miss Kitchy Coo (San Francisco). And we’ve got more guests lined up for August, including Rose Darling (Dallas)! Penny Starr Jr. (Hollywood) is coming to perform and to conduct an afternoon’s worth of burlesque workshops on Saturday, August 29. In September, we’ll be hosting Minne Tonka (New York) and Super Happy Funtime (Grand Rapids). We really hope to make Chicago a prime burlesque destination, and we are always excited to bring in traveling performers!