Monday, July 27, 2009

Kim of Poisoned Creations!

OK - so I know you alllll went to Atomic Frolic, yes? Well, I hope you did, because it was one of the most AMAZING experiences ever! The cast was amazing, the crew rocked, and La Divina and Diamond Jim pulled out all the stops! Well, this night was special for me as well, because I got to be a mannequin for some amazing local companies that night... the fabu Kim of Poisoned Creations came to my rescue when I desperately needed to complete my 50's housewife attire, and made me a special apron to wear! I think I looked pretty spot on... :)


1.) How did you get into creating your own unique products?

I started out making baby items like bibs and blankets for my brother’s twins and then dresses and skirts for my daughter and me. I really liked that I could pick and design what I wanted rather then store buying. From there it grew to family and friends wanting those items too.

2.) How do you feel when you see someone wearing or carrying something from your line?

It’s awesome! I love that my designs are getting out there and liked. It’s also awesome to be told how much torture an item has been through and yet it’s still as perfect like the day they bought it.

3.) What's been one of your biggest challenges you've faced with your business, and what's been your biggest accomplishment?

One of my biggest challenges is getting my name out there beyond Texas. Just like any designer I want to be out there in the bright lights. My biggest accomplishment would probably have to be at Hot Rods and Heels during the fashion show portion. I have never done a fashion show and it was fabulous. I was given awesome models to work with and that is always great!

4.) What's new in store for Poisoned Creations?

I’m extending my line to include men’s clothing and women’s fascinator hats. I’m sure men want something rockin’ you can’t find in stores too. The fascinator hats have opened up a whole other outlet of creating for me that I love!

5.) Speaking of creative, how did you come up with that name?

I wish I had a good story but sadly I don’t. I just wrote down all kinds of words I could use in a name on a pad of paper and came up with Poisoned Creations. It fits, I love using skulls in my designs. Maybe now I should think of a fabulous story that could only be made up ha!

6.) Who would you like to see in your creations?

I would love to see Dita Von Teese in my designs. She is so gorgeous and I love her style. I would also love to see Gwen Stefani in my designs. She has such a unique style and her personality really shows in what she wears. As for men’s clothing I would love to see Jesse James or maybe Mike Ness in my shirts. Both scream bad ass to me. Also since I have been reminiscing of my childhood lately I would say Donnie Wahlberg. He was gangsta to me back then ;)

Her designs are original, and she truly puts hard work and love into everything she makes. Please check her line out at and her MySpace! Check back later this week for your Daily Shot of Miss Coco Lectric, and interviews coming up with Red Hot Annie and Dusty Summers!



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Atomic Frolic - WOW.

I can say, without a DOUBT - that this has been one of the funnest experiences I have had yet. La Divina and Diamond Jim put on one HECKUVA show, along with Java from Bachelor Pad, who was our SUAVE emcee (I got to bring him his little black book of naughty girls' numbers, hehe). I shared the stage with my lovely friend Bunny Bailey, and we tore it up as the panty wranglers! The performers pulled out all the stops - Ginger Valentine debuted 2 SWELTERING new numbers (I gotta say, her pasties for the stewardess numbers were GORGEOUS... I gotta find out who made those ;D), Lady Divina performed one of my ALL TIME FAVE numbers (I love her fan routines). Black Mariah literally SCORCHED the stage with her Hell routine (she burned off her corset, HOT!). Ruby Rocket showed everyone in the place her "Cuban beat", while newcomer Cora Coquette showed that she clearly earns the title given to her of "fiercest fanny." Angela Ryan and Rose darling also both performed brand new numbers (Angela looked straight out of a vintage men's magazine, while Rose took the stage in a sweet yet naughty little number). Kitten DeVille was the headliner of the evening, proving how she won the title of Miss Exotic World 2002 with her momentous energy and hypnotic gyrations, all the while in a pair of 5 inch platforms. DAMN is all I can say about the evening!

A picture can say a thousand words - so here are a few, a little photo journey I took!


Myself, Ginger Valentine, and Cora Coquette


Me and Kitten DeVille, Amber DeVille and her sister Megan, and Me and Jade Pearl


Decadent Dame girls cutting up, my fabu hairdresser Lynne, and me and Java!

Again, such a blast! Keep posted to to keep tabs for the next show... Oct. 23rd!



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My special edition ATOMIC FROLIC article online now!

Check out for my page 12 HALF PAGE article all about the lovely ladies and debonair men of ATOMIC FROLIC!



Sunday, July 12, 2009

This needs to be a part of your life!

Is this not FANTASTIC????

The lovely Ruby Joule, From Austin, Texas!

My beautiful readers, I am warning you in advance right now, turn up your AC and bring in that box fan from your living room... my interview for this week is so SMOKING HOT it's a little insane. I got the pleasure of catching up with none other than Miss Ruby Joule from the Jigglewatts down in ATX! If you have not caught one of her shows, you need to write that down on your todo list next to grocery store! Ruby and her compatriot Coco Lectric are in Dallas quite often, in fact, Ruby will be performing at Glam'Amour's Bewitching Midsummer Masquerade, so hurry up and grab your seats now, this event will sell out FAST! And until then, you can hear Ruby's thoughts on touring, diamonds, and what her idea of achievement is.


1.) What got you into burlesque?

I grew up in the theatre and dance world, so everything on the stage is of keen interest to me. When I became aware that girls in my generation were reviving this art, I was instantly smitten with the idea. Problem was, I didn’t know where to start. One day while waiting around on a film set, my co-stars and I got to talking about the subject of burlesque. Turns out, we all wanted to do it and nothing was stopping us, so voila! A troupe was born.

2.) Being in Austin, where EVERYTHING is so colorful and unique, how
do you come up with ideas for routines?

Everything is fair game for inspiration! A snippet of a song, a vintage gown, a play I see… I am routinely inspired by historical figures, fairy tales, mythology, flora and fauna. Sometimes the idea for a costume comes first, sometimes it will be a song that I just HAVE to dance to, sometimes it’s a concept that I want to explore or a prop I want to use, but in the end all the elements fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

3.) As part of the Jigglewatts, what have you found to be beneficial
to keeping a troupe together and thriving?

The troupe has changed a bit since its inception, and rather than insist upon a repertoire of group numbers, which might seem likely for a “troupe”, we’ve encouraged mainly solo and duet work for the performers. This has helped each dancer develop her own character and style, which keeps everyone motivated. It is logistically more practical, and as a very small troupe it just suits us better.

4.) What will be happening for Miss Ruby Joule in the coming months?

As a champion of the arts and of local artists, I am first lending myself out as a canvas for a body painting event at a gallery opening. Then at the end of July I am flying to Hollywood with Miss Coco Lectric to perform at The Viper Room with the band, Johnny Hootrock, and continuing with the tour through Arizona to Las Vegas. In August I am delighted to be performing in Dallas once again at the Bewitching Masquerade Ball, then at the Bettie Page tribute show in Austin. September brings the much anticipated New Orleans Burlesque Festival, and perhaps I’ll be back in Dallas by the end of the year! Time sure flies when you’re shakin’ it!

5.) What has been a challenge for you this year? What about accomplishments?

The main challenge this year has been keeping up with all the events and happenings; managing the troupe as well as my own solo activities. Sometimes it seems they go by too fast to properly enjoy them all! As far as accomplishments, I am thrilled to have met such creative, genuine and supportive performers from all over the country. Not only the wonderful Dallas girls, but our new friends in Chicago, Seattle, New York, New Orleans and all over are endlessly passionate, talented and encouraging, and I’m honored to know them. I’m also proud to have finally produced my “Diamond’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend” routine, which was percolating in my head for over a year.

6.) What do you consider to be the highest achievement a performer can attain?

This question is dear to my heart because I have struggled with it recently. It’s wonderful to be recognized and appreciated for the hard work one does as an artist. Too often in our society artists are undervalued or ignored altogether.
But for me personally, no title, award, or official selection can ever compare to the reward of having thrilled an audience completely and transported them to another world for a few moments. It’s that breathless connection as the story and spectacle unfold; that feeling is what keeps me coming back to the stage and makes it all worthwhile. I am eternally grateful to the audiences of fans and peers who make this possible.

See why I love burlesque? I get to meet some of the smartest, most talented women around AND be immersed in glitter! Don't forget to get your tickets to see Miss Ruby Joule in August at Glam'Amour's Bewitching MidSummer Masquerade - and don't forget to dress up! Thank you Miss Ruby Joule for letting me steal some of your time!!

Cheers, lovelies!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

So much new stuff going on!!!

First off - my next performance!!


This literally will sell out fast - not meant to be a big show at all... get tickets NOW!

I will also be shooting with Through the Looking Glass, Amber DeVille Photography, and 666 Photography in Austin, eek! Look for new photos, they will all be available for purchase! 8x10's are 10 dollars, autographed and sent to you!!

Also - don't forget about Atomic Frolic! Just one more week, and this show is going to sell out!! See if they have any tickets left!!



Vivienne Vermuth

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Do you want to be a glamorous starlet??


Well, then are you going to be happy with my news for you - a FAB group of gals called the Dynamite Dames are now booking for Old Hollywood Glamour! If you haven't heard of them, they do some ABSOLUTELY amazing work, including lots of work with a beautiful friend of mine Taffeta Darling! And did I mention that Ms. T makes GORGEOUS jewelry? Well, she does! Night of Mourning Designs is home to some of the most eclectic and BEAUIFTUL handmade pieces around, and as my friend Glam'Amour says, "Keep your money local!"


From the Dames' blog - "We will ONLY take 10 appointments on this set. Shooting begins August 15th and will go throughout September. There will be a 'Regency' set along with glamorous headshots. You will receive 25 edits, hair, makeup and a fabulous dress to wear for the shoot. We will have props and costume jewelry as well. Deposit is $100... remaining $125 due the day of shoot."

Really?? ALL THAT? That's a great deal! Check out thier MySpace - email them to book soon, they book up fast! Mention to these fab ladies that you heard it from me! ;) AND - if you feel the need to spruce up the hairdo for this shoot with a fab trinket... you should DEFENITELY go check out Decadent Dame Designs - my red feather fan piece that I wore for Hot Rods and Heels (and will also wear for Atomic Frolic, grocery store runs, paying bills... you get my drift) is so glamazon... I know she'll have something PERFECT for you to feel your absolute amazing and really release your inner starlet! If you are also so inclined, Miss Cayla was one of my first interviews, you can read all about why she started making these exquisite pieces and some of the DFW lovelies that wear them...

Until next time!



Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July... make it safe please!

Keep your eyes peeled -

I have interviews coming up with the fabulous Pixie O'Kneel (coproducer of Bewitching Burlesque), Kim of Poisoned Creations, and the Jigglewatts beauties Ruby Joule and Coco Lectric! PLUS - new found tasty treats I know you'll all enjoy, some great local finds, and some AMAZING shows you just HAVE to see!

For now, I will be enjoying my holiday, celebrating the reason why myself and so many other women in DFW and around out country can do what we do - FREEDOM!

Happy 4th! Be safe!



Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome to the Daily Shot - Pixie O'Kneel, coproducer for Bewitching Burlesque!!

I absolutely love what I do - I dance, I create my costumes, and I get to meet some of the most beautiful, intelligent, and strong women. My interview for today is one of my absolute favorite people - she is a role model of mine, and she is one of the strongest women I have the privilege of knowing . Ms. Pixie O'Kneel is here to tell you all about her foray into burlesque, being a mama in many different forms, and her fried chicken!


1.) What got you into the burlesque world?

When Glam'Amour produced the first Bewitching Burlesque event, I wanted to be the panty wrangler so bad because I figured it was the easiest way to at least get my foot in the door and here I am!...I have always loved anything that has to do with dressing up, getting on stage, or dance. When I was little, my cousin and I peeped at my Uncle's Penthouse and Playboy magazines, and I thought those girls were so pretty and it was okay with me that they were naked and wanted to be in one of those magazines. Then when I was in college, I wanted to try my hand at stripping but, was too chicken shit....I figure being involved with Bewitching is the best way for me to fulfill those dreams I had given up on.

2.) Give us a little insight into what you do for Bewitching.

Well....I am in charge of the back of the house and Glam'Amour is in charge of the front of the house...Kinda sounds like we're running a brothel, doesn't it?...Anyway, I help with the selections during the audition process, write posts for the Bewitching Burlesque blog, help with advertising, and other pre-production things like that. When we have an event, I am the Stage Manager...As the Stage Manager, I make sure they show runs smoothly and on time and that all of the props,performers and panty wranglers are where they need to be when they need to be there with what they need.

3.) I have had the privilege of both performing with you and having you be my
stage mama - What are the biggest joys of both of those positions for you?

As Stage Mama, the biggest joy is when the performers and panty wranglers tell me they have had such a good time at an event I am in charge of and that it was a positive experience for them. That is so important to what Glam'Amour and I are striving to provide with Bewitching. We want everyone, no matter their experience, age, or size to get to live their dream of being a star, even if it is just for one night and having a positive experience while doing it.

As a performer, my biggest joy is when I take that stage and there is a woman in that audience who sees me and I look like her...A big girl, who doesn't have a perfect body anymore, up on that stage, saying what I've got to say, and having a fuckin' awesome time, and people are cheering...Then she goes home and thinks on it for a while and decides "if Pixie O'Kneel can get up there and do that, then I can do it too."...And she is inspired to follow whatever dream her heart desires, whether it is burlesque, or whatever she thought she couldn't do because of her weight, her age, or whatever else she is letting her keep her from pursuing her dreams...She knows it is okay for her to follow those dreams.


4.) What has been one of the biggest challenges you have faced as a Bewitching
producer? Biggest rewards?

The biggest challenge for me is that I don't know how to deal with people very well. I have a hard time letting people down easy and being PC. I think everyone should just be able to suck it up and keep on rollin'. Lucky for me, Glam'Amour had that skill and is like Thumper's Mom reminding Thumper what his Daddy told him...."If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

The biggest reward for me is that I get to be a part of the craziness that is Bewitching Burlesque. I was completely freaked when Glam asked me to be her partner, I was like, wtf!, there are so many people who have more knowledge and connections than I do that would be SO much better at this than me. But she sees in me what I don't see in myself, foul mouth and all!

5.) What is a major goal that you wish to achieve in the coming months with
Bewitching? What are some upcoming things that my readers should look forward

Right now, my biggest goal is to make Bewitching Burlesque something with staying power...There are so many people who venture out and try new things, and for whatever reason, they fail. I want Bewitching Burlesque to be something Glam and I do until we're were old old ladies!

Well, we have our Mid-Summer Masquerade on August 8th at the Carrollton Plaza Arts...This is going to be a fab event...We have some awesome, awesome performers and vendors scheduled...There is going to be a costume pageant with some wonderful prizes...It's BYOB...And there is even going to be a photographer set up to take your picture, like at the Prom, you know, but WAY better!

We have Gifts and Garters coming up on December 5th at Excuses Cafe...We've partnered up with Through the Looking Glass Studio for a shopping/burlesque show EXTRAVAGANZA...It's going to so cool...I guess the easiest way I can explain it would be a "counter culture" arts and crafts show and burlesque show on crack!!

And we are already planning some rockin' stuff for 2010...It will be here before you know it!

6.) What are 3 things people would be surprised to know about you:

1) I am actually painfully shy...New people and places scare the bloody hell out of me.

2) I am the proud Mama of 2 teenage boyos...The oldest is 18 and graduated from high school last month...The youngest is 17 and will be a Senior in high school in the fall.

3) My fried chicken is so good you'll pee your pants! :)