Friday, May 29, 2009

As promised, lovelies - Ginger Valentine!

As you know, DFW is BRIMMING with absolutely lovely talent... and I want to show you another side to the shimmy and the sequins, the women behind the feather fans and the red lipstick. My first gal is one of my favorite performers, and she has made QUITE the name for herself - and what's more important, is that she has done it herself... she books herself, manages her shoots... there's pretty much nothing this gal can't do (she's even taught me the art of the bump and grind!)


A former ballerina turned burlesque dancer and instructor, Ginger is an award-winning performer and the premiere model for the Dallas Dr. Sketchy chapter, modeling for them many times. She has shimmied in bars, clubs and historical theaters all over Dallas. In 2009, Ginger launched her Burlesque Charm School where she teaches classic striptease to a variety of levels. She also traveled to Chicago to perform in Michelle L'amour's Bells and Whistles show benefiting the Burlesque Hall of Fame. In addition to teaching and performing, Miss Valentine writes her own blog and has her own product line in the works with Tara to the T. She is also the news reporter for the burlesque blog, The Candy Pitch.

I caught her recently for a few minutes in between her preparations for her new round of burlesque classes at the Girl's Room, meetings with Tara to the T about her FAB new line, her new posas reporter for the blog ...

VV - What drew you into burlesque?

GV - The fat paycheck of course! Ha-ha. I've always had an interest in performing and glamour, but two documentaries really turned me on to striptease: Liz Goldwyn's Pretty Things, and Dierdre Timmons' A Wink and a Smile. Also, I watched a lot of musicals growing up and was really inspired by Gypsy and Cabaret.

VV - What do you enjoy most about being a burlesque dancer/pinup model?

GV - At this point, I'm excited about different opportunities and meeting new people. I really want to apply and travel to a lot of the national events such as Burly Con (Seattle), Toronto Burlesque Festival, Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend (Las Vegas) and so on. In addition to traveling, the creative outlet really satiates my need to bedazzle and decorate. I just love the whole creative process.

VV - There is so much you do in and around the community, it's astounding, like your burlesque class for example. Tell us more about it!

GV - I love teaching my classes! I am so grateful to Karyn at the Girls Room and my students for supporting my dream. I teach various levels of burlesque striptease. Graduates of my program learn the bump and grind and shimmy, boa work and how to remove gloves, bras and panties. I also give demos on applying fake eyelashes, hair and makeup. My students get a brief introduction to burlesque history and we talk about current performers. I always encourage my students to attend local shows. I tease them that it's for extra credit. Someday I'd love to produce a showcase for my advanced students. I also do act review for performers as well.

VV - What inspires you?

GV - Anything and everything. Music, shoes, colors, food, people, animals. So many things trigger ideas and excitement. It's hard to keep my mind quiet, and I usually carry a small notebook with me everywhere so I can jot down my crazy ideas.

VV - Tell us a little about some of the most memorable moments you've had this past year...

GV - One was last month in Chicago on stage for the curtain call at the Bells and Whistles show. I got a pasty-to-pasty hug from Michelle L'amour for a job well done. Also an alum of my Charm School came to me with tears in her eyes telling her that I'd helped her accept herself and feel beautiful. It might sound kind of cheesy here in this blog, but at the time, it was a really special moment that reminded me that teaching is a calling for me, not just performing. And of course, winning an award at Hot Rods and Heels was pretty special too.

VV - You do burlesque full time, what is a typical day like for you?

GV - I try to avoid typical days as much as possible, but I do have somewhat of a routine. I usually get to my computer around 10 a.m. and I answer emails. Then I'll do some marketing and promotional work for my classes and/or any upcoming shows. When the phone rings, it will be photographers, producers or my sponsor Tara. Sometimes the phone doesn't ring at all, and some days I feel like I'm on the phone all day. After I've updated my blog and other profile pages, I rehearse. I try to rehearse daily. I'm used to being really disciplined from ballet, and I try to apply the same mentality to burlesque. Some days, I'll run errands, or go to Tara's studio to work on product. In the evenings, I teach. Also, I have meetings and photo shoots to attend and sometimes interviews to fill out (like today). I'm learning to take time off when I have it. It's a sweet life.

Ginger is such the sweetheart - please make sure and catch her at an upcoming show! She will be featured at next months' La Divina Production ATOMIC FROLIC, in association with Bachelor Pad Magazine, over at the Lakewood on July 18th. In fact, I will be the panty wrangler! Kitten DeVille will be flying in to highlight the show, along with Rose Darling, Black Mariah, La Divina, Angela Ryan, and the music stylings of Ricki Derek!

Thanks, Ginger! You are simply amazing, and I wish you the best!!!

And while you are already reading a blog... go check out Ginger's -

Vivienne Vermuth

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NOLA Burlesque Festival

This is going to be the EVENT to remember!! Set in the gorgeous Harrah's Casino, the First Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival is a three-night celebration of world-class burlesque entertainment, including classic striptease, live jazz music, comedy, cabaret, song, and variety acts. The nightly showcases recall the New Orleans of the Forties and Fifties, when New Orleans was known as "The Most Interesting City in America." Bourbon Street was its epicenter, and it became world famous for its concentration of nightclub shows featuring exotic dancers, comics, risque singers, and variety acts all accompanied by live house bands. We’ve assembled some of the best eye-popping burlesque dancers in the world to perform over three nights in sultry New Orleans. Comic emcees, singers, and variety acts flesh out the shows to provide the most entertaining and classiest risqué showcases you’ll ever see. Fun and educational daytime activities for performers and enthusiasts of burlesque are spread over the three days. Celebrate this classic form of adult entertainment that made Bourbon Street famous worldwide!

I have already applied, as well as some fellow burly gals such as Rose Darling and Ginger Valentine!! Wish us all LUCK!!!

Vivienne Vermuth

Some of my favorite things...

Well, I will admit to you, my lovelies, a little tidbit about myself... I am ADDICTED to the internet! Yes, I am up til all HOURS of the night, finding all SORTS of beautiful things to bring to you! Here are some of my favorite things I have found thus far -

Domestic Minx Originals, as seen in Dallas at Hot Rods and Heels on the lovely Honey Cocoa Bordeauxx, has some simply STUNNING adornments for all you sexy cats! Her handpainted flowers are simply my fave, like this one -

If you feel the need to add some sparkle and pizazz to your life, go here for all the best genuine Swarovski crystals you can get your hands on! He has the fastest order turnaround, so sweet, and the best prices! (Believe me, I made a pair of shoes with 300 crystals on them... it wasn't cheap, I looked!)

Handmade Hooligans... you may recognize the name from Hot Rods and Heels from last Saturday, and you should ! They have the cutest jewelry, from which your very own Vermuth procured her very own martini glass pendant! (Well, her beau did, anyways!) Check out thier gorgeous things this Thursday, the 28th, in Denton at the Vixens of Vaudeville Vegas or Bust show, in Denton at the Boiler Room!

That's all for this evening, lovelies! Talk to you REAL soon!

Vivienne Vermuth

Monday, May 25, 2009


Wow - lots going on in the world of Vermuth!

First - don't forget to catch me on MySpace!

Also - at the beginning of June is when we will start our "In the Burlesque Biz" segment, where I will be interviewing our local burlesque community members, to give you a better idea of who they are and where you can catch them!

Our first round -

Michelle Manx, a pinup bellydancer hailing from Oklahoma!

Ginger Valentine, founder of the Ginger Charm School of Burlesque and (i swear!) the busiest gal in DFW right now!

Cayla of Decadent Dame Designs, if you haven't seen any of her GORGEOUS fascinators or handmade fare, you are SO missing out! Check out this custom piece she created for me for the Hot Rods and Heels festival!

Photo by Naked Lens

See you soon!

Vivienne Vermuth

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Want to see life as it was in 1959?

Come on out for the Atomic Frolic! Booze, babes, and the sounds of Ricki Derek!! The burlesque you'll see will amaze you, and I'll be your panty wrangler, dressed as a craaaazzzzzyyyy housewife! You can't miss this!! Tickets will sell out, and they go fast!
Tickets available by calling the Lakewood Theater at 214 821 7469


Hey all! They have landed... PASTY MAGNETS!!!! These delightful little creations allow you to take home a part of the risque, without the commitment, pasty tape, or bothersome ruining of the bra! These sexy little numbers can go anywhere that regular magnets go - so feel free to sass up that mini frdge!

Send any inquiries to

I can also make actual pasties from these designs... come out to Atomic Frolic in July, and you will see my designs on Ginger Valentine, along with Tara to the T's costuming genius!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Hot Rods and Heels, Oh my!

Wow! What a night! Hot Rods and Heels had an AMAZING turnout! The vendors were amazing... the cars were gorgeous... and the burlesque was HOT! So many great routines, from golden suitcases to a very phallic piece of equipment... it was FANTASTIC! Save the date for next year... May 15th, 2010, at the Lakewood! Guest performer will be... Cardinal Cyn!!!! Seriously, don't miss out! I have a video of my performance on MySpace...

Also, be sure to check out...

for photos from the event soon... these photogs are some of the FINEST in DFW... please check out thier work!!! NakedLens and G3 will be involved in an event coming up... please check back for that info... Have a wonderful evening... ;)


Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Post!

I am so excited to have my own blog!! There is so much in store for all of you lucky folks... but here's where we will start.

You can catch me on the other following sites as well...

Enjoy! Check back soon!!!

Vivienne Vermuth