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EEk! Go check this out!!!

In a sister blog, the Candy Pitch, I was interviewed by Tanya Cheex!


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Gifts and Garters, oh my!

Now... I know it's early to start thinking about the holidays... but when it comes to Dallas, we do everything BIG!! So, in lieu of that, I need you to go to this myspace, add them and keep up with what they are doing -

Gifts and Garters: A collaborative event between Through the Looking Glass studios and Bewitching Burlesque. It's going to be THE shopping event of the holiday season with vendors featuring vintage and one of a kind gifts and a fabulous Burlesque show featuring the JiggleWatts from Austin as well as local favorites and debutantes! I will also be performing at this show... so keep yours eyes peeled, you won't want to miss this!


Rose Darling, the darling of DFW burlesque

If you went to the Dallas Burlesque Festival earlier this year, then not only did you see some amazing burlesque talents, but you also saw the spunky Rose Darling, who panty wrangled that evening. Rose, who debuted as a soloist this year at Glam'Amour's Bewitching Burlesque Revue, has had an amazing past few months! She is known as the "Darling of Burlesque", and for good reason - this gal is the sweetest, easiest to get to know person you'll meet! She also has quite the brain behind that beauty - she has designed some of DFW's biggest productions' logos and marketing, including the logo for my non-profit organization, Burlesque for the Cause! How's that for being busy? Rose was kind enough to answer some burning questions for me, in between preparing for her stint for a mini Dr. Sketchy's at the Soda Gallery on July 2nd, as none other than Ms. Marvel (drooooollll) and the Atomic Frolic at the Lakewood on July 18th!


1.) What got you into burlesque and modeling?

I had been needing an outlet of some kind. I'm the one in my group of friends that always goes overboard at the costume/theme parties; planning my exact outfit, makeup, doing my hair a certain way and acting the part. I had also been taking dance classes (I've always loved dancing) but it wasn't the same as performing. I've always had this side to me that is a big ham and when I heard about burlesque, I knew I had to go for it.
The modeling started in college just for fun. Most of my friends are photographers and I just happened to be free when they needed me. I also think my large closet of clothes had something to do with it! When I started burlesque, modeling just seemed to go hand in hand. Plus I think it's pretty fun.

2.) This year has been pretty amazing for you! Tell us about some of the things that have happened!

Well first off, I felt like I hit a restart button. This year I debuted going solo, after being in a troupe for over year. I now feel like I'm really in the burlesque community, whom have welcomed me in with open arms and so many opportunities. I have to thank my hunny bunny, Ginger Valentine, who's been with me since the beginning of our burlesque careers, continually encourages me and introduced me to all you fine lovely ladies. GlamAmour gave me an opening to debut in her Bewitching Burlesque show, I landed as a Top 3 Finalist for "One-to-Watch" for Hot Rods and Heels, and I will be performing at Atomic Frolic! I also was asked to design the flyers for Spring Fling, Hot Rods & Heels, Atomic Frolic. And the websites:,, my own website and of course the logo for your new venture, Burlesque for the Cause. I've been a busy girl.

3.) A lot of people in the burlesque community refer to you as the "Darling of Burlesque". How do you feel about that, and can you tell us a little about how you've earned that moniker?

Oh I love it, it just fits. Not only cause of my name, but I try to always be one as well. I take the the phrase, "You get what you give, so give good" very seriously, it's very simple and everyone should consider abiding by that too.

4.) I heard that you are going to Chicago to perform in 2 shows!! Congrats! Can you tell us a little about that?

Thank you! Red Hot Annie ( ) is a burlesque dancer and pin-up model in Chicago. She and her husband produce shows under the name, Vaudezilla Productions ( ). She happened to find me and asked me if I would ever consider coming to Chicago to perform. I, of course, was thrilled. I spent part of my childhood in Chicago and have been looking for an excuse to go back as an adult.
Vaudezilla Productions put on a weekly show every Thursday and then do a once a month
show on Fridays. We worked it so I would perform both Thursday & Friday. Annie is very focused and so very nice. She even offered to let my husband and I stay at her house! Some of you who went to the Texas Burlesque Festival may have met her or seen her perform. (If you want to check out Annie's first hand experience of the Texas Burlesque Fest, go here - PEGASUS NEWS!)

5.) What does the rest of 2009 have in store for you?

Well I've applied to the New Orleans Burlesque Festival ( ), so hopefully I will get in one of the categories and be able to perform there in September. This will be my first festival if I get in and I've never been to New Orleans before so this would be a great reason to go! I also hope a bunch of us get in so we can all hang out together and show them what us Texas girlies can do! hah!

6.) Where do you find inspiration?

So far I've been taking things I've always loved and embraced as a part of me and made burlesque concepts out of them. I feel like I'm taking all the characters that make up my personality and making them come alive. I'm constantly combing the web for inspiration, I've been posting them on my blog/website as "obsessions." It's usually fashion photography or random artifacts from the past. I'm really drawn to the French culture the most, which my "Laisse tomber les filles" routine is influenced from.
I'm also really getting into the details of the whole process. For my Barbarella routine, I researched and learned all of the background behind it. My costume idea evolved from her many costume changes in the movie. I just started with a primitive feel and as I took it off it takes a more modern space feel. I was also unsatisfied with the music available for Barbarella so, I remixed my own with sound clips from the movie. (If you didn't get to see her at Hot Rods and Heels, head over the and see the video!) Also, don't forget to visit her website,!


I hope you all head out to the Lakewood on July 18th to see Rose, as well as Kitten Deville, 2002's Miss Exotic World, Lady Divina, Ginger Valentine, Black Mariah, Ruby Rocket and Angela Ryan, accompanied by the smooth musical stylings of Ricki Derek!

Til next time!


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OMG... Pasties GALORE!!!

Now, for all you lovely readers of mine, you know how much I ADORE a good pair of pasties... they can make or break your routine! I have found a woman in Kansas who is making the most GORGEOUS things... you simply have to see them for yourself!

Glitz by Linda Joyce!

Aren't they delicious? I can't wait to get my gloved little hands on the red pair... no, I mean the black pair... oh!!! Heavens I want them all!!!


Vivienne Vermuth

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Orleans Burlesque Fest QUEEN Showcase....

Master of Ceremonies KITTEN ON THE KEYS (San Francisco, CA) Kitten on the Keys is the Ginzu knife of the stage - she slices, dices and juliennes! When not tickling the ivories, stroking the uke, or squeezing her accordion, this multi tasking vaudeville vamp is a musical MC who announces acts with a putty panache that will tickle your funnybone and stir your nethers. With four self produced CD's under her belt, this one ma'am band puts Sin in her Syncopation for a monkey spankin' good time! She writes her own clever ditties and loves the Tin Pan Alley era and wicked double entendres. Victorian Whimsy and Jazz Baby all rolled into one! Known as the musical snackcake with the moist creamy center, Kitten will tantalize your tastebuds with her spunky mischievous humor.

ANNETTE BETTY (London, UK) Annette is a burlesque dancer, actress, and model. She has a passion for film, and has appeared in several lead roles. Recently, she completed a script writing course in NY. She also has a passion for the 1940s and '50s, the Hollywood golden era, and the glamour and elegance of the past. In 2008, Annette won Best Uk Newcomer in the London Burlesque Festival and Miss Galapagos Burlesque New York.

LA CHOLITA (Los Angeles, CA) Known as "The Latina Queen of Burlesque," Cholita's unparalleled performances are full of glamour, passion, and "firecracker" energy, blooming with sensuality. She won the highly coveted "Miss Viva Las Vegas" title in 2007, the first and only Latina ever awarded the honor. She has been featured on How to Look Good Naked with Carson Kressley, CNN, American Latino, Latin Nation, Telemundo Noticias,, and OnMakeup Magazine. Her signature Glamour Girl meets chola pinup image and voluptous figure have been sought out by a variety of Clothing, Shoe, Lingerie, and accessory companies to model their latest designs.

CATHERINE D'LISH (Los Angeles, CA) Catherine has earned a reputation as a contemporary "striptease virtuoso" with her unusually inventive shows performed in an elegant and whimsical style. She has headlined in varied venues from Las Vegas casinos, nightclubs and fetish events, to the top gentlemen’s clubs and theaters since 1990. Catherine has competed in, and won nearly every pageant and title available to striptease performers, holding over thirty titles such as Miss Nude USA, World’s Performer of the Year, Miss Erotic World, Showgirl of the Year, Miss Exotic America, Miss Nude International, USA’s Best Shows, Miss Exotic World, and the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

LOLA VAN ELLA (St. Louis, MO) Lola Van Ella is an international burlesque starlet who will sing, dance and giggle her way into your heart. She is an often cheeky, but always sexy performer who is showcased all over St. Louis and beyond. In St. Louis, she performs with The Alley Cat Revue, and also leads her student troupe, The Bon Bons. She has performed at Miss Exotic World in Las Vegas, and at The Vancouver Burlesque Festival. With a sultry voice, devastating shimmy, and flirtatious smile; this adventurous ecdysiast has garnered a lot of attention and the tagline "The Derriere Beyond Compare".

OPHELIA FLAME (Minneapolis, MN) Burlesque is like a good wine; it only gets better over time. No exception to that rule is Ophelia Flame, who has been taking her clothes off for friends, family and complete strangers for nearly twenty years! Ophelia has studied ballet, latin, smooth ballroom and flamenco dance. She has worked as a topless dancer in Minneapolis, Chicago, New Orleans and Las Vegas throughout the 1990's. Ophelia is proud to be Miss Exotic World 1999 runner-up and three-time competitor at the Burlesque Museum in Helendale, CA, and was prominently featured in the Hennepin History Museum exhibit, “Hips, Pips & Strips: The History of Burlesque in Hennepin County." A founder of the Twin Cities New-Burlesque scene, Ophelia is a co-producer of Lili's Burlesque Revue, the Twin Cities' premier variety and cabaret show.

RENEA' LE ROUX (Atlanta, GA) Known as the Southern Belle from Hell due to her elaborate costumes and campy shows, Renea' brings old world southern charm to the stage. She started performing burlesque in 2002 with Big City Burlesque in Atlanta. In 2008, after a few years inLos Angeles, she teamed up with Syrens of the South productions as their official costume designer and headliner performer. She performs with Syrens at various Sci-Fi and Pirate conventions, as well as continuing to perform on the burlesque stage. Her "exposure" has turned into a steady stream of bookings throughout the U.S. Renea' makes her own costumes, and her sewing talents have become legendary through out the south, winning her numerous costuming awards.

TRIXIE LITTLE (Baltimore. MD) Trixie is an acrobatic burlesque wunderkind! Along with her partner, The Evil Hate Monkey, she has been flipping and stripping for audiences since 2002. With highly skilled sexy-smart antics and a charming love-hate dynamic, Trixie and Monkey showcase trapeze, striptease, acrobatics and physical comedy in jaw-dropping burlesque, cabaret, variety and theater shows. Shamelessly eccentric and wildly photogenic, Trixie and Monkey were featured in the premiere episode of “The Gong Show with Dave Attel” on Comedy Central. They have performed with John Waters, The Flaming Lips, three Virgin Music Festivals, Rothbury Music Festival, the Philly, DC and Brighton, England Fringe Festivals and are the winners of Las Vegas' 2006 Exotic World Best Burlesque Duo trophy.

EVIE LOVELLE (Los Angeles, CA) Bio currently unavailable.

PERLE NOIRE, THE BLACK PEARL (New Orleans, LA) Perle Noire is a dynamic and energetic dancer, inspired by the great Josephine Baker. Perle Noire joined the New Orleans-based show Bustout Burlesque in 2005. In 2008, she went on to win Best Debut at the Miss Exotic World pageant in Las Vegas. She travels the world performing in burlesque shows, most recently in London for the annual The Tease Show. This year, Perle Noire won second runner-up for the title of Miss Exotic World, appropriately at The Orleans hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

AMBER RAY (New York) Amber Ray's pageantry is easily described as iconic. This variety vixen is a sensation in the evolving essence of pop art and culture. She is well known for her many characterized acts and adventures based on collaborations for style makers such as Anti-gravity, Susanne Bartsch, Thierry Mugler, Jackie 60, Penny Arcade and a thrivingly New York City performance community. She is inspired by classic burlesque, the freak chic, theater, high-fashion, old Hollywood and the feminine mystique visible in every era. Ardently sharing her love of style and luster in a purely spiritual expression, Amber Ray works as an artist, costume designer, singer, burlesque entertainer and all around creative force of nature. She regularly appears in various publications, and has cameos on cable & network TV.

VIVIENNE VAVOOM (Denver, CO) A versatile vixen of the classic ecdysiasts art, Vivienne can generally be found bumping and grinding a mile high in her hometown of Denver. She has performed at various venues around the country and at Miss Exotic World, Tease-O-Rama and the New York Burlesque Fest. She was named "Most Classic" at the Boston Burlesque Expo 2008. Last year she celebrated 10 years of shimmying with the troupe she founded, Burlesque As It Was and in 2009 she helped to open the Black Box Burlesque Cabaret and launched her new troupe, V Burlesque. Her alter ego, Michelle Baldwin, wrote THE book on the neo-burlesque scene, Burlesque and the The New Bump & Grind. This gorgeous goddess is sure to charm, with her classically classy brand of tease.


This week... Michelle Manx!

Hello kittens, Vermuth again! WOW, what a week as usual... all sorts going on! The New Orleans Burlesque Festival list comes out this week... cross your fingers! I also got the WONDERFUL chance to meet the lovely Michelle Manx during my last foray into Austin, AND I got to see her perform! If you have never heard of or seen pinup bellydance, you HAVE to see her! Such an elegant way to mesh two classic ideas into a unique style that is mesmerizing to watch! I had but a few brief moments to ask a few questions before she had to float away from the event -

Click the above images to enlarge!

1.) When did you get into bellydance, and who or what brought you to it?

My mother attended a bellydance class at the local community school back in the 70's. I remember how she would practice dancing at home as she would play her Middle Eastern music and I knew that I wanted to learn someday. It wasn't until early 2002 when I decided to check out a class at a woman's fitness center. The timing seemed perfect to pursue a new hobby since I had already established myself in a committed relationship and a stable professional job. Since then, it has become an obsession.

2.) What would you say is the most enjoyable part of your dancing?(ie picking music, preparing, costumes, teaching etc.)

I don't think that there is much of the whole process that I don't love. However, I have really enjoyed creating my own stylization of the dance. My day job as an environmental scientist doesn't really allow for much creativity, so my deep involvement in bellydance has really kept my life interesting for the past seven-and-a-half years.

3.) Tell me about a mentor/teacher/role model you have, and why.

There are so many people that have helped shaped me into who I am today as an artist, dancer, and performer, so it would take up so much of your space to hear about each one, but I wanted to name a few individuals to express my deep gratitude. There are some that I know well and some that I will never have the honor of meeting, but they have been influential or supportive to me in my bellydance career:
My supportive husband Lance Farley, Kajira Djoumahna and Chuck Lehnhard, Stacey Lizette, Lucila Velez, Z-Helene Christopher, Tashar, Jamila Salimpour, Suhaila Salimpour, Bettie Page, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Jill Parker, Rachel Brice, and every student which has attended my classes/workshops. There are many others and I could go on for days naming names.


4.) Any advice you'd give to any pinup starlets or beginning bellydancers you feel was beneficial to you?

Well, first of all, bellydance is extremely difficult. At first, you are accessing and isolating muscle groups in ways that are unfamiliar to most people, so please be kind to yourself and know that it takes time and dedication to learn this amazing form of dance. One of the most important things to me is to express gratitude to those that have helped you with the dance, whether it might be to your teachers, audience, or workshop producers.

5.) How did you start incorporating the art of pin-up into the art of bellydance?

The concept of Pin-up Bellydance was born at the tattoo convention which has been a yearly gig for me whenever I don't have bellydance event to attend. I started adding elements from my regular wardrobe (influenced by vintage fashions of the 1940's and 50's) into my costuming, since I felt it would work well the tattoo crowd. At the same time, I had been taking a Bharata Natyam (Classical Indian Dance) class to learn more about the poses and facial expressions, which are prevalent in Tribal Bellydance. I started to experiment by replacing the Indian poses in Tribal Fusion Bellydance with the facial expressions and poses of the classic pin-up girl, as well as incorporating old jazz and rockabilly music into my performances. At this point, I wasn't trying to create my own stylization of bellydance. I didn't have a name for my stylization until I received and joyfully accepted an invitation to teach at Tribal Fest 8 (2008) in Sebastopol, California. I decided to teach Pin-up Bellydance and to my surprise, the class sold out within a month. Since then, I have had the honor of being invited back twice to this amazing festival, as well as other festivals and events in this genre of bellydance. I've really enjoyed performing for burlesque audiences, as well. The two forms of entertainment work so well together, in my humble opinion.

You can catch Michelle at the next Glam'Amour Bewitching Burlesque Revue, August 16th, 2009 at the Plaza Arts Center in Carrolton, Texas! For more info, please email!

Til next time!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Miss Missy Photography

Hello again, my lovelies! I just got done shooting with Miss Missy Photography, and let me tell you! What am absolute joy she was to shoot with! I arrived makeup done, and as soon as I stepped out of my car, I knew I had left my costumes at home! She was so understanding and gracious and waited patiently as I made the trek back. When I arrived again, her MUAH Blondie did my hair FABULOUSLY. Usually I get my hair done by the wonderful Lynne D. Bomb of Vintage Flair, but I decided to try her out, and was pleasantly happy!

Miss Missy herself is wonderfully talented, and made me feel at ease and comfortable. We all just sat around (well, I lounged around trying to look graceful, lol) and we all talked girly shop - hair, makeup, etc. I can't wait to shoot again!

And for all your VISUAL folk out there - here's a teaser! It's a clickable thumbnail, so just click on it to make it appear bigger!


'Til next time!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

This week - Decadent Dame mastermind Cayla!!

Hello again my lovelies! Amidst all the hubub about the Burlesque Hall of Fame, it took me some time to gather my thoughts and get you our next interview! La Divina has been keeping us DFW gals updated during her glamorous foray to the city of Sin via Twitter, go follow her and keep up with what's new... La Divina Productions in association with Bachelor Pad Magazine will be hosting another HUGE show July 18th at the Lakewood... KITTEN DEVILLE will be headlining... but enough shop talk! Let's get down to Business... Fascinators, that is! This woman is the Queen of Craft, with a bevy of beauties such as Ginger Valentine, Courtney Crave, Honey Cocoa Bordeauxx (and myself :D) wearing her art all around town and to our shows. So, we recently sat down at a charming cafe in Big D, and whilst pouring over a delicious vintage hat (Squee!) and sequin appliques, she was kind enough to answer some questions! Also, be sure to check out her blog as well -

1.) When did you decide to get into the fashion side of burlesque?

I actually was not a big fan of fashion until after I hit 20. When I was very young I was in the little girl beauty pageants, which led to me rebelling against the idea of "pretty" during my teenage years. Not sure when it happened, but along the lines I discovered that I really enjoyed dressing to the nines and hitting the town. My own fashion sense developed greatly over the years. I came to really enjoy the classics, a nice set of stilettos and a pencil skirt a great for damn near any occasion. I started noticing fascinators in photos and movies of old, as well as on the pretty heads of modern women. I loved the look, but when I searched online I found them to often be quite expensive. I just didn't have the money to spend $100 and up on these types of things! I finally got around to making my own designs as Xmas gifts for friends in 2008 because I was too broke to actually buy things for them. I used my friends as my inspiration, making items that would suit their looks and sense of style. I had a lot of fun, and the girls really responded well to it. After that, I figured why the hell not?

2.) Any story behind the name?

When I was deciding on a name, it was very important to me to give a good sense in mind of the style that I design. I wanted people to hear my name, and have a mental image. Something along the lines of a classy woman of times past, a lady that would walk into a room and everyone pauses to take her in. The sense of pulling in a touch of finery and decadence into everyday life. There's no reason why a woman's ensemble should stop at her neck, a beautiful painting always needs a beautiful frame.

My dad was pretty unhappy with the Dame portion of my name at first. He was born in 1943 so he was from the time where as school boys they'd taunt their female classmates by calling them Dames. In the movies of his childhood the gangsters would always call women Dames in a negative way. He's gotten over it in time, but for a while he tried to get me to change my mind. But I stuck true, once I had the name in mind there was no way I could change it, it was just too perfect.

3.) What kind of things can you find at your tables (merch tables or booths)?

Lots of stuff! I always stress out about having enough merchandise for my vending table, so I make sure to have lots of items in a wide variety.
  • Ok... so I have my feather fans, which are really pretty, soft, and hug the shape of the head. They always have some manner of jewelry piece on it, sometimes very vintage items, sometimes more modern. Whatever catches my eye and looks good. (You can see that I love mine.)
  • Flowers!! Lots of colors, lots of sizes, some just with the flower, some with jewelry in the center, and some with feathers to give a bit of movement and height. My most famous one right now is Rose-Zilla, it's HUGE!! It's seriously the size of my hand span, and has long arrowhead feathers sticking out in a variety of directions. It hasn't found the perfect head yet, but I know it will one day.
  • Feather fascinators, which are clips of a variety of sizes, from 2 inches to 7 inches. Lots of pretty colors, a variety of feather types, and some very pretty vintage jewelry. These have lots of movement and are sure to be the perfect topper to a beautiful outfit.
  • Mini-clips, which are my grab bag type of item, they're only $5 and the perfect item for someone who likes a bit of flare without going over the top.
  • Pasties, ooh la la! For the professional tassel twirlers and for those that like to play the part while at home. I package my pasties with a couple pieces of double sided tape, toupee tape to be specific! Gotta have them be ready for wear ;)
  • Vintage hats, I so love my growing collection of vintage hats. I spend a ton of time going to estate sales around town to find high quality beautiful hats that were owned by women that loved them, so that I can send them off to other women that will love them just as much (if not more!).
  • Fascinators! I just started working on a new style, the classic disk pad fascinator. So much fun! Also a huge amount of work. These give me more options with color, texture, height, volume, style, etc. I've really enjoyed working on these, so far I've already done three custom ones for some of local performers to match their costumes. I love the fact that I can use vintage fabrics, trim, lace, and feathers as well as jewelry.
  • Me ;) I'm the tall girl with lots of hair, if you see me please stop by and say hello! I also come with lots of back stories about the items on my table, feel free to ask any questions and please pick up my designs and try them on. They're meant for heads, not tables, so they'll always look better on you than sitting on some dumb table
4.) What's the favorite piece you have made so far?

I'm continuously making new pieces that are my new favorites!! At this moment I have a larger ivory fascinator that I'm quite smitten with. I was already quite proud of it when I made it, but when I went down to Austin, TX to vend at the TX Burlesque Festival my love for this piece grew immensely. That Saturday I met a girl that's getting married this November, and already has her perfect wedding dress, an ivory number from the 1950s. Which just happens to perfectly match the ivory fascinator I had on sale that evening. The look in her eyes when she tried it on was so memorable. She truly felt absolutely beautiful, and it was so heart warming to me to see her feel that way. That look in a woman's eyes when she tries on one of my designs and has that instant moment of feeling beautiful, that is why I do what I do. This is the fascinator below...

5.) Where do you find inspiration for your pieces?

A while back I took a class at Richland College in Dallas based entirely on Film Noir, for me this was a whole new world of beautiful fashion that I was completely unaware of before. I really fell in love with the visuals of the Femme Fatale, who could walk into a room and truly own it. The Film Noir girls have been a huge inspiration for me in both my own fashion sense and the style that I want to create for my designs. I spend a lot of my late nights with TCM on my tv, I love watching the old movies! Just the other night I caught Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in Easter Parade, I loved it! So many beautiful dresses and hats, I get lots of ideas from watching movies like that one.

I also am finding a lot of joy out of designing something to match a specific outfit. I always enjoy challenges, so when ladies come to me asking for me to make them something specific, I always jump at the chance. There's some very creative women out there, so helping add my special touch to a fabulous outfit is always enjoyable.

6.) Anything you want to share with those who want to start their own business?

Best thing I'd say is to just get out there and do it, I know it took me a while to finally get around to making my stuff. I had in mind what I wanted to do, but actually sitting down and getting to work was a big step. You can't succeed if you don't try! My early items were not my best stuff, but it takes time and practice to get good at anything. Also, networking is a huge part of my business, I always chat up my stuff to anyone I find that's willing to sit still long enough. I'm quite thankful for my family for supporting my work and helping me through the early steps, also my friends who have been coming out of the woodwork to help in any way possible. Having a good support system is such a big help when starting up a new business.

Seriously, her designs are unique, beautiful, and withstand pressure... I have taken my fascinator EVERYWHERE (and places I won't tell her, becasue she'll wiggle her finger at me!) and it still looks amazing. Check out her ETSY shop and pick up something for yourself... trust me, everytime you wear it, you will feel truly special and unique, because you are!

Til next time, my darlings!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More for you?

This is what happens when V stays up late... For those of you who want to get started in burlesque, or just want to brush up on what "classic burlesque" is... Here are Burlesque Baby's Top Ten Moves!

Here is Shimmy’s Top Ten List to be an Authentic 1950s Pin-Up.

1. The Tease. The tease is a very well known move that all burlesque dancers and pin-up models do even if they don't know they are doing it. It is performed by teasing the audience or the camera into believing that they are going to see something great. Of course, these models are great, but it is the subtle nuances that leave the viewer wondering what comes next…

2. The Flirt. This move is something that nearly all girls do, even if it is done subconsciously. That is what pin-up is all about...flirting! Being coy and fun, jesting with the audience and playing games is the hallmark of a pin-up. Flirting with the men (and women in some cases) is why people come to the show.

3. The “Did I Do That?” Look. This move is the facial expression that you see most often on the women’s faces when they are on stage. Apart from an ear to ear grin, the fake look of shock and the pursed lips that seem to say "Did I Do That?" is the facial expression of choice for pin-ups. It’s as if being on stage (or in front of the camera) beckons them do things that ordinarily they would never do!

4. The Unaware or Accidental Exposé. The model or dancer will show something “accidentally,” (a flash of bloomers or a thigh through a slit skirt, perhaps). This move is 100% intentional, but to be pulled off, must look as though it is a complete surprise. This move is most likely followed by #3, the "Did I Do That?" look.

5. The Knowing or Intentional Exposé. This move says, “I know I'm showing you something sexy and I like it!” These are the planned out moves that the dancer fully lives up to and owns. She might shake the upper half or shake the lower half, but surely an act that is this sexy and bold and cannot be mistaken for an accident.

6. The Quiver. The quiver is the technical term for a vigorous shaking of the bosom. It is most effective when done in time with the music and is usually done at the end of a routine to add a little flavor. It is the icing – or the cherries – on top of the cake!

7. The Shimmy. This is my personal favorite move (I'll give you three guesses why…). This move is used in more disciplines than just burlesque. It is very popular in Middle Eastern dance, which is where I found it. It is not widely know that the shimmy has more to do with the knees than with the actual hips. The shimmy can be achieved by first standing with feet slightly apart in preparation of the second part of the move. With feet slightly parted, bend your right knee, ever so slightly, and then your left knee. Do this in rapid succession and you might just surprise yourself at your ability to shimmy! Just be aware that to gain the namesake, you have to be very skilled.

8-9. The Bump and Grind. The bump and grind has earned a bad rap in the last couple of decades because the term has been misused. The bump is not a stripper move to be used in the back rooms of clubs while giving a lap dance. The bump is simply a shift of the hip in time with the music. Music of the fifties used big drum beats and the bump was used to coincide with the drums.

The grind has really gotten a bad name, but it is just as harmless as the bump. The grind is simply a circular rotation of the hips. Sadly, in recent days it has taken on an almost perverse sexual meaning. The grind can be found in many different kinds of dancing just like the shimmy. There is a move in Belly Dancing very similar to the grind, known as the Figure Eight.

10. The Wink. Last but certainly not least is the wink! This move can be very sexy if executed correctly. It is used to tease your target! If used in a smaller venue it can be applied to one man or, in larger venues, the wink will read to every man in the audience as if you are doing a special show just for him. This is a very important move when it comes to burlesque and modeling. Making your audience feel special is a priority to be successful actor, model, or dancer. If used in conjunction with some of these other moves a burlesque dancer might just get a standing ovation!

Keep this info in mind for the next show you see... so you can recognize all your favorite moves! Which is your fave? Post a comment and let V know!

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