Thursday, April 7, 2011

SO... it's been a while!

I'm going to try and be much better about blogging... really! Promise!

I am fortunate to have so many friends in the burlesque industry, it makes it so much easier to deal with the drama that comes with the territory. I have a great friend, Red Snapper, who has discussed with me career goals, and achieving them. I have realized that this is something i need to get on!

My goals for 2011 -

-Dance outside of Texas in at least 5 states. (as of right now, I"ve danced in two!)
-Headline at least three major shows, one being in Dallas! (2nd part is done!)
-Grow my makeup/hair side. (I will be attending IMATS in June.)
-Do all this while keeping some semblance of a personal life. (HA!)

Let's see how the journey goes, eh?

Til next time,