Thursday, December 31, 2009

And... we're BACK!


Well, I'm gonna try, anyways. Go big or go home, I say, and that will be my motto for 2010. I have had quite a 2009, and I'm ready for what's in store this year.

I already have so many amazing models for 2010's Dr. Sketchy's Denton - from local newbies like Jade Pearl and Bubbles von BonBon, to dominatrix diva Athena Fatale, fetish lovely Courtney Crave, bellydacner Michelle Manx, and my favorite LA girl, Red Snapper! So so much to come in the next few months... I can hardly stand it!

I wil also be a performer at the 2010 Dallas Burlesque Festival, as well as be featured in the Dallas Burlesque Fest Calendar! This will be my second year performing this festival, and believe me, you won't want to miss it!

I also already have quite a few travelling gigs underway, such as many shows in Austin and talk of shows in New York, Chicago and LA! EXCITING! I will also be debuting a new burlesque collective in DFW in January... stay tuned for that. ;)

So, while you ring in the new year, keep watch on the Viva Las Vegas website, and when jan 1st rolls around, be sure and vote for me to perform at this festival! It would be an honor to attend and perform, so help a lady out!


Til next time!




  1. SO happy for you and all your dreamy ambitions. You've got the stuff to make it happen, doll.

  2. Congrats! You go, girl!! :) xo