Sunday, July 12, 2009

The lovely Ruby Joule, From Austin, Texas!

My beautiful readers, I am warning you in advance right now, turn up your AC and bring in that box fan from your living room... my interview for this week is so SMOKING HOT it's a little insane. I got the pleasure of catching up with none other than Miss Ruby Joule from the Jigglewatts down in ATX! If you have not caught one of her shows, you need to write that down on your todo list next to grocery store! Ruby and her compatriot Coco Lectric are in Dallas quite often, in fact, Ruby will be performing at Glam'Amour's Bewitching Midsummer Masquerade, so hurry up and grab your seats now, this event will sell out FAST! And until then, you can hear Ruby's thoughts on touring, diamonds, and what her idea of achievement is.


1.) What got you into burlesque?

I grew up in the theatre and dance world, so everything on the stage is of keen interest to me. When I became aware that girls in my generation were reviving this art, I was instantly smitten with the idea. Problem was, I didn’t know where to start. One day while waiting around on a film set, my co-stars and I got to talking about the subject of burlesque. Turns out, we all wanted to do it and nothing was stopping us, so voila! A troupe was born.

2.) Being in Austin, where EVERYTHING is so colorful and unique, how
do you come up with ideas for routines?

Everything is fair game for inspiration! A snippet of a song, a vintage gown, a play I see… I am routinely inspired by historical figures, fairy tales, mythology, flora and fauna. Sometimes the idea for a costume comes first, sometimes it will be a song that I just HAVE to dance to, sometimes it’s a concept that I want to explore or a prop I want to use, but in the end all the elements fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

3.) As part of the Jigglewatts, what have you found to be beneficial
to keeping a troupe together and thriving?

The troupe has changed a bit since its inception, and rather than insist upon a repertoire of group numbers, which might seem likely for a “troupe”, we’ve encouraged mainly solo and duet work for the performers. This has helped each dancer develop her own character and style, which keeps everyone motivated. It is logistically more practical, and as a very small troupe it just suits us better.

4.) What will be happening for Miss Ruby Joule in the coming months?

As a champion of the arts and of local artists, I am first lending myself out as a canvas for a body painting event at a gallery opening. Then at the end of July I am flying to Hollywood with Miss Coco Lectric to perform at The Viper Room with the band, Johnny Hootrock, and continuing with the tour through Arizona to Las Vegas. In August I am delighted to be performing in Dallas once again at the Bewitching Masquerade Ball, then at the Bettie Page tribute show in Austin. September brings the much anticipated New Orleans Burlesque Festival, and perhaps I’ll be back in Dallas by the end of the year! Time sure flies when you’re shakin’ it!

5.) What has been a challenge for you this year? What about accomplishments?

The main challenge this year has been keeping up with all the events and happenings; managing the troupe as well as my own solo activities. Sometimes it seems they go by too fast to properly enjoy them all! As far as accomplishments, I am thrilled to have met such creative, genuine and supportive performers from all over the country. Not only the wonderful Dallas girls, but our new friends in Chicago, Seattle, New York, New Orleans and all over are endlessly passionate, talented and encouraging, and I’m honored to know them. I’m also proud to have finally produced my “Diamond’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend” routine, which was percolating in my head for over a year.

6.) What do you consider to be the highest achievement a performer can attain?

This question is dear to my heart because I have struggled with it recently. It’s wonderful to be recognized and appreciated for the hard work one does as an artist. Too often in our society artists are undervalued or ignored altogether.
But for me personally, no title, award, or official selection can ever compare to the reward of having thrilled an audience completely and transported them to another world for a few moments. It’s that breathless connection as the story and spectacle unfold; that feeling is what keeps me coming back to the stage and makes it all worthwhile. I am eternally grateful to the audiences of fans and peers who make this possible.

See why I love burlesque? I get to meet some of the smartest, most talented women around AND be immersed in glitter! Don't forget to get your tickets to see Miss Ruby Joule in August at Glam'Amour's Bewitching MidSummer Masquerade - and don't forget to dress up! Thank you Miss Ruby Joule for letting me steal some of your time!!

Cheers, lovelies!


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  1. Cannot wait to see her perform :). You're great with these interviews, dear!